Writing a blog post is an art in itself. Although your style and writing structure are informal yet it has to be systematic in its approach. You have to begin with an introduction along with the objective of your blog post, explaining the reasons of why are you writing about that particular topic.

After a small introduction, you can discuss the details of the concept in the body of your blog post with step by step procedure and headlines that adds more value to your content. Adding H1 and H2 headline is considered important when writing a post because many people scroll through your post before they read it and headlines are the pinpoints that attract the reader to have a quick glance at what’s in it for them.

three reasons of editing your blog posts

Note: H1 and H2 are also important to form SEO perspective

Also, don’t forget about the use of tags and categories defined for your posts. This is also plus point for the SEO of your blog posts whenever people want to find titles and topics related to a specific Keyword. For example, I place all such how-to blog posts of Blogging tips in my Blogging category. The same strategy goes for my categories of personal life, relationships, freelancing and Online course creation strategies.

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Finally, end up with creating a beautiful image either from free stock photography websites or buy one from the Creative market. you can find many blog mockup scenes that could be edited in photoshop, canva as well as Picmonkey.

How will you know which post to edit first?

The exact answer would be, Google Analytics. If you have your google analytics activated in your blog, you will be able to check the most viewed blog posts. This is an important strategy to understand that you need to prioritize and then edit those posts that are on the top of your google stats. For example, I own an academic blog of Economics and checked the google analytics to see which posts are viewed more. the result was:

google analytics blog content view


In the above google analytics image of my academic blog of economics. You can see that ” Three approaches of calculating GDP” has the highest page views as well as unique pageviews. Almost 1000 page views for a single post gives me an insight of how important this post is for my blog.

My next step is to edit this post and provide more information with regard to the calculation of GDP and its strategy. I can more headlines, subtitles along with an image. This will attract more users towards this post.

By editing your existing post and including more valuable content, Google will give more rank to your post with the passage of time. You can see that when I write the exact keyword in google, I find my post on the top of the page.

how to have your post on top page of google


External and Internal links

When you are able to find out the important posts, the next step is to add internal and external links within the posts. They could be in the form of a subtitle ” Related posts” that you can manually select or you can use a plugin to add related posts in the body of your blog post. This will lead your traffic to other posts, hence improving the engagement time within your blog. The more the engagement the better the chances that the people would begin to trust you.

Adding affiliate links

A common approach is to add an affiliate link to your blog post. Many bloggers (including me ) join affiliate networks at a later stage. While there is already such existing content which leads a good amount of traffic to your posts. You have to edit those post and add your affiliate links where required. Note that you don’t have to add it deliberately knowing that it does not relate to your post. Try adding affiliates that you trust and do understand that it could add value to your post as well as the product you are marketing.

There are of course, many other reasons of editing old blog posts but these are probably the ones that are considered most. I hope this post made you learn how important it is to edit your blog post and add more valuable content for your readers. Its all about giving you.

By the way, what do you do with your old, published blog posts ?