Blogging is an endless journey. It started with a hobby of writing a private diary to something that I now consider a business model. The more I read, the deeper I delve into its diversified structure that makes me even more passionate about it.

I don’t know why, but the mere thought of not seeing my blog for a few days makes me restless. In all honesty, I created this blog for quenching the thirst of having my own virtual baby ! and this sense of ownership gives me such a relief (Yeh ! call me a blog addict)

How wrong I was to do what I did these 3 years and how I solved them?

Today, with more than 6 years of experience in blogging, I feel confident enough to help people how to have a money making blog, either academic, personal or professional. I read, invested in courses and have been a part of social media communities where I consistently learned all that was required to create a full-fledged business out of a blog via your products, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing (I am so on it baby! )

This long post contains the gist of those solid lessons I learned while freelancing and blogging alongside creating online courses for all these years. And those aren’t just mere words, its what I had done, still do and would continue to implement the following concrete lessons learned through trial and error.

concrete blogging lessons

Wrong Action #1:

I applied for an affiliate program when I didn’t have enough traffic, random email subscribers and not enough blog post related to my niche.

Right Solution:

I believe it is a wrong decision to start affiliate marketing when you are a complete newbie with very little posts ( I had less than 20 of various categories) and no traffic at all.

Write more NICHE specific posts before getting into affiliate marketing. Creating your credibility by your valuable content is a vital element of being a successful Affiliate Marketer. You cant just brag about a product without knowing anything about it or leave a tiny link, waiting for people to buy it. The effort comes on the part when you provide the Unique Selling Point (USP) of that product.

Wrong Action #2

I  created a MailChimp email marketing account for two completely different blogs and I ended up having mixed up the list for both along with double charges for maintaining that huge list.

Right Solution

Create a single email marketing channel for a single blog. Use that account for the sole purpose of marketing that single blog instead of marketing two blogs. (I ended up sending personal blogging tips from an academic marketing email that I associated with MailChimp: Hence, understanding the technical part along with its use is important before you begin to send emails.

Wrong Action #3

I joined 2-3 other social media websites and promoted my posts randomly without a schedule. It worked but only for a while!

Right Action

Focus on only two social media platform at the beginning of a single blog with a proper strategic plan for promoting your blog post along with images.

Wrong Action #4:

Not being niche specific about my content in the beginning even when I knew the purpose of making this blog.

Right Action

I loved blogging and I wanted to share everything that happened in my life. Offcourse you can do that too, but not at the cost of neglecting the content that was required to be done at the beginning. (For example, the about page, start here page, privacy policy, terms of use and first few basics blog posts of your niche)

It feels good to share your random thought about life, share happenings around your happy little family but it won’t matter if it doesn’t relate to the purpose of your blog.

Sharing your personal story would matter a lot if its a motivational, lifestyle or family blog with a moral or a lesson learned at the end but it won’t if it’s written for the purpose of sharing events in your life. As long as your blog hobby, you cant be so passionate about working for it just as I never did for all these years until today!

Wrong Action #5

No Creating Social Media Specific Images for each blog post

Right action

With time and after thoroughly reading successful bloggers who had a huge amount of traffic from Facebook and Pinterest, I realized that it is important to have at least 5 images of each of your blog post in accordances to the size required for each social media platform.

For example, Infographics and vertical blog graphics should be particularly made for Pinterest and Facebook required rectangle/horizontal images. Hence, its worth the effort because really does boosts your blog traffic.

Wrong Action #6

Outsourcing content without checking plagiarism and ended up having more than 70% of the plagiarized content for which I had already paid.

Right Action

I had my article outsourced in the beginning and to my surprise, most of the content was copied word by word for which I had already paid and that was a huge mistake for me without making it go through any plagiarism software.

Wrong Action #7

Not availing free services that almost had the same value as paid.

I was using other paid service of social media shares when I already had the service of and that I had with. There was no point of investing in something which had an alternative available. Yes! Its good to invest on your blog because it really won’t be possible to be more effective but you have to be sure that whatever you are investing in is worth it.

My investment over Blogging E-books was worth the investment because I was wandering in my blog journey but at the point, there was no need of social sharing paid plugin when I had the availability of free services.

Wrong Action #8

Not buying a good host.

Right Action

I wasn’t sure if I could win this battle. I also didn’t know that I would rather fall in love with this race of strategizing, planning, organizing and calling it your Business! through your blog. It was a hobby and I started with a very bad host (that I wouldn’t want to name). But when I migrated to SiteGround, life with blogging was no more a 505 downtime error.

Their customer support is super awesome and they migrate your website for free with several other services provided just by having a simple chat with their customer support representative. You can check out the review with images of their customer support and their response time!


There was one thing that kept me going on with what I tried and failed and that was my internal motivation for working on my blog consistently. I tried and failed, tried again and failed twice and I kept on trying to know what was the right path to follow. So don’t stop, just do it and keep on doing it until you reach your goal. 

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