Building passive income streams is a good strategy of diversifying your Online business. Each course of action requires a huge amount of effort and a proper plan to be followed. I personally believe that you require a to-do list or an everyday planner to follow up with the vision of your online business that you plan to execute. While doing so , I believe it is not only important to discuss your success (and failure) but also the complete process of the execution plan of your final results. Thus, I would try my level best to update my readers about whatever I would be doing in terms of the strategies that I have planned to execute to come up with a successful blog which is an amalgamation of all that I would be doing to generate traffic as well as passive income from other sources.

Before I jump into my today’s MAIN points of building passive income streams, the concept of coming up with this series of blog post has to be defined. These posts are all associated to my own personal strategies that I would be trying over both my blogs (Econtutorials and Flavors) to make it a success. I am writing the whole sequence without any exaggeration . Surely whatever I would do could either turn out to be a success or a failure through which both me and my reader would learn what to do and what not to.

My Current status

I am a lecturer in a University with my subject expertise of Economics. And I am currently going through my Masters in the same subject. This is one of the reasons I came with Ecotutorials .Along side, I have the responsibility of being a wife and mother to a 2.6 years old son who needs and deserves my attention after my 9 to 5 office hours.

My Blogs

As I mentioned above that I have two blogs. One is giving me a few bucks that’s not worth mentioning. And the other is the one which you are reading right now ! Yes Flavors in life, that lags behind all its targets because of  my lack of consistency and focus over a single project.

My Courses

I have two courses (academic and non-academic)  that are giving me a little revenue (better than my blog)  which made me realize that its possibly one fine idea to create some good courses in the coming 6 months both academic and non academic. This could turn out to be a quick source of revenue but the courses itself will take a lot of time to be created. I will be sharing the procedure of creating these courses step by step since it took a good load of time to understand how can you come up with good courses online.

These are my two courses

For Flavors in life, I have decided to go for an e-book and an e-course that is about Work at home – Ultimate guide to Freelancing with People per hour. It is basically all the trial and error procedures that I would be applying to see what makes this blog a success. I will also be sharing my growth plan, marketing plan and content creation plan for both my blog and would apply them religiously to check if it really works.

building passive income streams

With regard to my Ebook and Course , since this is my first time that launching these products through this blog , I know that I might not be as professional and an expert in my first launch compared to what I have been reading about all other professionals who launched their own products. But I am sure that whatever I would be sharing is something beneficial for all basic and intermediate learners who are wandering around the internet , trying to understand the smart strategy of working as a blogger and a freelancer.

Plan and progress of my products

I am almost done with 70% of write up of my E-book of Freelancing. You can get a sample chapter of the book in case if you are interested in understanding the complete concept from scratch. Don’t worry, I wont ask you to subscribe before you can receive the free chapter. You can download it just right away without your email. I personally believe that a person would want to subscribe to your blog and be serious about it only if it feels like connecting with the blogger. You would never want to buy or review a product by a blogger if you don’t feel that connection. So it is that trust and credibility that I would like to build up before I could ask for your email.

This is how I started my own blog

I have made 2 videos of my E-course as yet. So I would rate it to 20% of work done. You begin with a course when you are done with the complete content. Other editing tasks comes at a later point. Its always about the content first. Also , as English is not my native language, I have to be very careful about whatever I would be recording. I cant risk the quality of my teaching due to language barriers.  Thus, I have targeted to complete my content first before I plan to start a course.

PS: For all those who are new to this series and have no idea where to start, You can checking this post of mine to understand everything.