If you are familiar with Blogging, you must have come across income reports of different bloggers who discuss their strategies of how they earn from their blogs.

Some begin with a hobby and ended up with a full-time successful business while others have started their blogs with the intention of having a complete money-business strategy.

Income report has been one of the most mouth-watering posts that I have always enjoyed reading. And it feels so great that bloggers are willing to share their strategies with you to do the same on your own blog journey.

income report academic blog

I first started reading the income reports of Pat Flynn. Reading his income reports made me feel like Woow!!! This is a huge amount of work and its worth it.

Such income reports have enabled me to assess how they increased their blog income gradually and I can relate them to my own blog. They have helped me immensely in understanding the overall strategy of considering my blog as a serious business.

So these income reports are more of a message to many people that blogging isn’t just a hobby-thing anymore. It can be a full time-career and you can live the life you want to have! Travel the world and stay anywhere you want to without the 9 to 5 hustle. And for that, you have to begin with creating your own self-hosted blog. (I would be glad to help you personally in creating your own blog)

However, my interest and passion for teaching will remain the same and I will always tend to find a place to teach my subject. Having a degree in Economics enabled me to create my blog not just for blogging rather I created my own Academic Blog in the form of Econtutorials where I write and teach Economics along with other subjects. The income report discussed below is the amount I  have earned from this academic blog.

Income report of Econtutorials (My Academic blog)

My income report is focused more on my academic blog of econtutorials. It is an academic blog where I write about the following subjects:

  1. Microeconomics
  2. Macroeconomics
  3. Econometrics
  4. Statistics
  5. Monetary Economics
  6. Development Economics
  7. Research Methodology

I have yet to monetize flavors in life as I am not using any ads and I have recently started Affiliate marketing. I have already created a complete course of Freelancing where I teach how to earn online as a freelancer using People per hour. I have more plans for this blog but somehow I would like to focus more on my academic blog which will also help me to be in touch with my studies.

I intend to keep an alignment in between both of these blogs in the form of discussing my strategies in flavors that are implemented on Econtutorials.

Stats of my blog in December

Econtutorials has a good amount of traffic compared to the number of posts. It is probably because of the unique content and top keywords I have used and also because the subject itself has great importance.

Economics blog traffic image dec 2017

As an academic blogger, I try to cover each chapter with all the essential topics required. For example: If I am talking about National Income/Gross Domestic Product than I have the following blog posts related to this one topic covered from all aspects:

GDP definition

Social Media Stats of Econtutorials

Facebook Likes: 1,865

Twitter followers: 122

I received more response from Facebook than any other platform. I think I can use some strategies in future to generate traffic from Facebook. However, my first priority is increasing my content and placing ads at the right point.

Income report for Dec 2017

(I do not add the income of my full-time job. This Income report is associated with the amount I have earned from my academic blog)

Selling Academic blog content to well-known publishing company: $500

Udemy course in Economics: $45

Google AdSense: $15

Total: $565

Expenses Dec 2017: $0

Total Profit: $565

How I earned this amount ?

I was contacted by a higher education publishing company that wanted to have an Errata of the content in one of my blog post. This blog post is on the first page of Google (thanks for the right keyword strategy). The company was willing to use a particular section of my content within that post for 10 years for which they were willing to pay the amount I asked for.

My Udemy course is a small course of Economics with basic knowledge of the first 4 chapters of economics. I still get to have a few students enrolled each month in this course through udemy. However, I have a planned a yearly goal to come up with a complete course of Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Basic Econometrics.

Plan: I have also planned to create a separate course of how to create your own academic course. Some of the videos have already been created and I need to find a bit more time to edit them. Its probably going to be a small course of 30 minutes where I will share all my strategies.

Google Adsense has always been very low on my academic website which is why I prefer using other income sources.

Plan: I need to recheck all my blog post and add the Adsense codes manually in each post.

Plans for Jan 2018:

The topmost goal for the year 2018 is being serious about my BLOG!

Yes, because of my full-time job, the responsibility of being a  mother and enrolled as a student of MS in Economics at IoBm, I already had way too much on my plate to handle. However, my passion for blogging remains the same. I still feel so good when I get to see my own products and I feel overwhelmed with the response that my readers gave me. 

I have received many emails from Econtutorials that people do admire the way I teach Economics and this is a great stimulus to get going with whatever I have been doing for year. But this shouldn’t be a hobby anymore. 

Increasing content on my blog: Increasing academic posts by searching what are the main problems that students face when studying economics and add more practical examples.

Start affiliate marketing: I need to place affiliate links to all my existing blog posts. (Thats alot of work)

Outlining and creating content for an Online course of Econometrics: I have already begun to search for the right material to teach econometrics. However, this course will take almost 2-3 month. (This is going to be fun!)

If you are interested in earning quick money. You can start with my freelancing course which is on discount for this month. 

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