What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media application and website that is used to discover information mainly through the use of images.

This platform revolves around the idea of networking through images, gifs, and videos (on a small scale). Pinterest has got over 100 million active users in its platform. Businesses can use this platform to advertise and promote themselves to potential customers.

How is Pinterest a Unique Platform?

Unlike other social networks and platforms, Pinterest stands out to be unique because it has a lot more than a usual social networking platform. It helps people reach out to the world in its own unique way where people express their stories, ideas, imaginations, products, services, motivations and whatnot, through a stream of images which are unique and exclusive.

These images that people exhibit on Pinterest, each has its own story and interest factor behind it that enables you to explore what the host person has to offer.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest utilizes the fact that visual representation of anything leaves an impact and with this exclusivity, Pinterest has been able to attract millions of users. Moreover, Pinterest has no limits or boundaries as to who wishes to be a part of it and exhibit their own area of motivation. Yes! Anyone can join it. Be it a blogger, a journalist, a social worker, business vendor, service provider or even just a normal person who wishes to explore their inspirational factor; Pinterest suits all and caters to all.

However, you will find Pinterest more feminine as a lot woman uses Pinterest for their interests in Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Blogging.

Moreover, Pinterest is also unique as it is a very great platform to brand your product or service, as you can utilize the Pinterest profile as a brand profile and display your work through a collection of images or videos which would definitely intrigue the interest of your followers and potential followers.

Through Pinterest, people will actually be able to have a look at what you do and how you do it. The key is to make things as interesting and eye-catching as possible! In addition to this, Pinterest also offers a very different advertisement service which can be used to promote a business, that will feature your pins as promoted content and even a random explorer will be able to see your pin.

This would very much help you attract people and land actual or potential customers to your profile; the rest, however, depends on you and your creativity to make your profile as lively as possible! Pinterest will make, doing business a treat for you and your customers!

How does Pinterest work for marketers, businesses, and bloggers? 

People save and click on Pins up to 90 days before they are ready to act. That window is no doubt even longer for people who are planning a wedding on Pinterest – many women start a “Dream Wedding” board before there is even a fiancé! You can bet most of those are secret boards, though.

What all this early planning means for marketers is that their products and services can become an option for consideration very early on in the buying process.

With 75% of all content on Pinterest coming from brands, people are very open to branded content as long as it is useful and attractive.

Consider it a platform where you can PRE-LAUNCH your product and find a good amount of targeted customers. 

Buyable Pins allow Pinners to purchase right inside of Pinterest. It is quite easy but you will require an e-commerce platform that is compatible with the feature.


Pinterest is the number 2 driver of social traffic to websites. When you and others share Pins that link to your website content you’re adding more and more opportunities for people to find you and come to your website.

How to get started on Pinterest?

Once you are on the website or have downloaded the App, the first step will be creating your profile. You can either use your Facebook or Google account to sign up or simply use your email address and create your password. You can either sign up as an individual or a business.

If you have started your blog and plan to boost your traffic through Pinterest, you must sign-up with a BUSINESS profile.

Once you have created your account the next step would be to create your boards. After you create your boards then you can go ahead and begin to Pin.

What is a Pinterest board?

A Pinterest board is a collection of individual Pins.

pinterest boards

Pinterest boards are usually owned by one Pinner but may be shared and pinned by many Pinners. Shared boards are usually called group boards. They are useful for collaborating and getting feedback from friends, clients, business partners or family.

Secret boards and the Pins on them are visible only to you and anyone with whom you share the board. These are perfect for planning surprise parties, sharing research or for any other ‘just between us’ purpose.

A Pinterest profile can hold up to 500 boards, though it’s hard to imagine how anyone would keep track of that many boards.

What is a Pinterest Pin?

Pins are visual bookmarks that people save on Pinterest. It’s a visual representation of a product or idea which someone saves for later use on the Pinterest Board.

A Pin consists of 3 elements; An Image, a link, and a description.

When someone clicks on a Pin, it will enlarge and show the full image and description. If you click again, you will be taken to the link associated with the Pin, which is normally a website, blog with more information on the product.

A Pinterest account can host up to 200,000 Pins. Your Pins can be saved on other boards owned by different pinners.

What is a Pinterest Profile?

Your Pinterest Profile holds all your boards, your Pins, and all your settings. Some of the information that appears publicly includes:

Your username appears as the words after https://www.pinterest.com/marjanarbab/pins/ when you go to your profile.

-Your first and last (optional) name or business name: appears in bold letters at the top of your profile,

-The “About You” and website URL also appear prominently on your profile.

-Follower and Following counts.

-Your picture

– Showcase boards: choose between one and five boards to create a moving slideshow at the top of your profile.


What are Rich Pins?

When Pinterest first launched there was only one type of Pin, but now it has several types of Rich Pins that allow your business to provide more information on your pins.

There are about 6 different types of Rich Pins; App Pins, Place Pins, Movie Pins , Recipe Pins , Article Pins and Product Pins.

Adding Rich Pins

-Prep your website with Meta tags or an oEmbed endpoint. This process can be a bit technical, so you might need to loop in your website’s developer.

-Test out your Rich Pins.

– Apply to get them on Pinterest.

How Does Pinterest Work When I Follow People or Boards on Pinterest?

When you follow a Profile or a board on Pinterest, you’re telling Pinterest you want to see more of that. So, their Pins will start to appear in your home feed.

These signals you give to Pinterest also allow it to show you “picked for you” Pins it thinks you may like.

Followers are good — but traffic from Pinterest is better.

Try not to worry too much about your follower count and make sure your Pins are optimized for search instead.

What does it mean to Save or Re-pin something on Pinterest?

You can pin an image from around the web, or you can “Save” an image that’s already on Pinterest to your own boards. You’ll keep the original image and link, but you have the opportunity to change the description.

For instance, you might change the description on a recipe Pin to, “Need to try this for Mike’s graduation party!” to remind yourself why you Pinned it. OR, you could just put it in your secret, “Mike’s Graduation Party” board.

Tips for boosting blog traffic through Pinterest

What does it Mean When Someone Follows Me on Pinterest?

It is ideal to have followers on Pinterest — your Pins will likely get more exposure and the social proof can be powerful, but Pinterest doesn’t serve up everything that is Pinned by the people and boards you follow in the order it was Pinned. Not anymore.

Getting Pinterest Followers

There are a few tips you can apply so that you can begin to get followers on Pinterest and leverage this platform.

  1. Use keywords in your Pins and in your description box.
  2. Use keywords to name your boards.
  3. Create original content.
  4. Add the follow and Pinup button on your blog and website.
  5. Pin consistently. This is the most important.
  6. Comment on popular Pins. Respond t every comment on your pins as well.

How Does Pinterest Work If I Have a Business Account?

If you’re using Pinterest for your business, you should have a business account. You can convert a personal profile into a business account to get detailed analytics on the performance of your account and to advertise on Pinterest.

It’s free to have a business account and aside from enabling analytics and the ability to advertise, it functions the same as a personal account.

Why you need to organize your Pinterest account

Organization of your Pinterest profile is very important if you want to have more followers.

Also, there are a lot of ways to use Pinterest, but accumulating thousands of pins may turn into a nightmare if you don’t keep them organized.

Fortunately, you won’t need fancy Pinterest tools for that. All you need are Pinterest boards. It only takes a bit of effort to organize your pins, and the results are worth it. You’ll find pins easier.

There will be less clutter, which means more peace of mind as you browse Pinterest. Plus, a proper organization will make it easier for others to find and browse your pins, ultimately leading to more Pinterest shares for your images.

  1. Categorizing By Volume

Whether you have 100 pins or 1000 pins, you need to ask yourself one simple question: “What are the topics covered by these pins?” Once you can answer that, start with the largest group and drill down.

  1. Name your Boards

Always name your boards in this format: General — Specific.

  1. Always be reorganizing

Let’s say you’ve been using boards for a while and they’ve gotten out of hand. Some boards are huge with hundreds or even thousands of pins. Other boards have never breached 25 pins. This is when reorganization comes in.

Marketing Strategies for Pinterest (Tips & tricks to gain traffic)

Pinterest is fast becoming a major source of traffic for those who implement Pinterest marketing into their overall online marketing strategy. Here are some marketing tips to help you generate more traffic.

Add Keywords to Your Pins and Boards: It‘s important to put up boards, pin consistently and especially add keywords to all the above. The ability to rank higher than your competitors for important keywords means that your material and propositions get in front of more eyeballs at the right time.

Many people use Pinterest as a search engine, so using common keyword phrases as board titles, Pin titles and descriptions can help your images rank higher and get found.

More visibility and exposure is what pinning every day will accomplish, even if other marketers are more established and other companies are bigger than you are.

Increase the Pin ability of your Boards and Posts: Take note of Pinterest’s image size criteria to create aesthetically pleasing and informative graphics that grab and hold a viewer’s attention. Rather than repost your existing images, be sure to crop or edit them to fit perfectly into the recommended image sizes on Pinterest. This will make your images stand out better and look more attractive on the network. Be sure to add a relevant title and description to your Pins to get further engagement.

Exploit a Variety of Pinterest Display Options: As with any new platform, newcomers to Pinterest are sometimes overwhelmed, intimated and/or confused by its scope. The good news is that once you get a hang of it, Pinterest has a really easy to use and intuitive platform, making it easy to see why over 100 million people worldwide use it on a regular basis, and more and more businesses are embracing it as a viable online marketing platform. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of images you would utilize in your visual marketing strategy on Pinterest.

-Photos: Use your smartphone or camera to highlight the latest and greatest events in your business, pictures of products, and other impromptu types of pictures to let customers connect with your brand on a personal level.

-Images: Use more professional images of products and include images of inspirational and motivational quotes that resonate with your target audience.

-Illustrations: Use illustration to show step-by-step and how-to type tutorials. These types of images work especially well in niches like fashion and fitness.

-Infographics: Probably the most time-consuming image to create or most expensive type of image to outsource, but well worth the return as these types of images do extremely well as far as getting interest and shares. The text equivalent of a one-page summary memo, they are intended to represent complex data, information, and knowledge graphically with visual representations.

-E-paintings: Popular with visual artists and hobbyists; can be imported from Photoshop and equivalent tools. Comment on Pins: This is a bit counter-intuitive for Pinterest, but it’s still important to comment on other people’s pins and reply to people who comment on your boards. Remember that at the end of the day, Pinterest is in fact, a social network.

– Although primarily a visual media, the website is also a social community that gives people a chance to know, like and trusts you. The more you re-Pin and like other people’s content the more likely they will be to like you and re-Pin your content; which ultimately leads to more views, more clicks, and more sales.