This post is an honest review of a hosting plan that I have been using my blog since the last few months I have apparently noticed very good results with regard to my page speed, uptime, and support from SiteGround.

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The first question that a NON-blogger would ask is “I want to know how to blog? “ And a point-to-point answer would be:

Tadaaa!!!!!! ~ Well! easier said than done. Many people are stuck even at the second option i.e. getting yourself a good hosting plan. It is obvious that when you plan to invest in a hosting plan you need to be sure about the services it provides.

I was in the same state when I wanted to start my own blog, totally ambiguous about the services and hard to select the right web hosting plans for my newbie blog. But I am so happy that I took the decision of using Site ground for my hosting plan.

SiteGround webhosting Review

I won’t go too much into the web hosting jargons as I already mentioned that it’s quite easy to start your first blog. So I am going to write down the basics facts in bullet points to make it easier for you to understand –>

why I selected Site ground web hosting for my blog. is officially recommended by WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

You must know that the most important factors to consider in a hosting plan is “uptime, support and performance speed”. To your surprise, SiteGround gives an uptime of 99% which is way better than other hosting plans.

With regard to page loading, I found site ground to be the quickest and faster than average load time of my other blog.

The most important factor that has impressed me is the support and the time of response of the support services provided by SiteGround. I have been using many other web hosting plans but I was totally amazed at the level of accuracy, response time and commitment they have in assisting their clients whenever they have issues. Special support services are provided in GrowBig and Gogeek hosting plans.

You can have a look at the image below and notice the time how quick they were in their response when I was having issues with my WordPress site. To tell you the truth, the issue I had was not related to their hosting server, it was more about my WordPress creating problems due to some plugin that I installed. Their support involves a particular option for WordPress assistance.
(The plans are currently on discount with this link)

siteground support proof


When you buy their Hosting plan, They will:

  1. Contact you through a call.
  2. Provide you a free domain and website building if you have Growbig or Gogeek plans
  3. Email you the credentials with further help in migrating your old website and that too free of cost !!!! (Click here to Apply through my discounted link)
  4. You won’t even know they have migrated your website because they are so quick at it. So I would rate their customer support to 99%.
  5. Also, their support is in three languages English, Italian and Spanish.

One of the finest features of SiteGround is their special approach towards taking care of WordPress websites. This means that in your hosting plan, they tend to manage your WordPress site in terms of support, updates, security and also most importantly the performance speed.

I usually receive an automatic email that my WordPress website is updated even when I am away. So I don’t have to bother with checking and updating manually.

The prices for their plans are affordable compared to the services it provides that are better than other hosting services. The unique point here is that they charge you month-by-month which is something other hosting servers don’t.

Let me know if you have any questions associated to SiteGround hosting plans. Also, share your experience if you are already using it.


Satisfied with the review? Begin with creating your own blog in SiteGround