You are reading this blog post because you have finally decided to start a blog of your own. It will take you only 20 minutes or less to go through the whole process. This blog post is a quick step-by-step tutorial on starting your own blog. The process is user-friendly and anyone can do it with just a little technical information that I will guide you through. The following points are a gist of what you have to do to get yourself a blog.

  • You need to name your blog by picking a domain name to make it .com .net etc. (I personally recommend to have a .com blog name)
  • Get hosting for your blog. I consider Siteground my top favorite hosting service for my blog
  • Design/customize your blog by outsourcing (99 Designs)
  • Writing and publishing your first post ( The ” what should I write part?”)
  • Begin to make money from your blog from different strategies of other successful bloggers.

Step 1: The first step of starting your blog

Let me tell you the most important point of picking a good blog name.

Name your blog with the topic you love to talk/write about most

Yes, it could be your passion or hobby of doing anything and you believe that passion of yours can provide a useful information to other people is what your blog should be about. That’s it! This where you pick your blog name.

For example, if you are a mother? And you love spending time with your kids? and You are well aware of a healthy lifestyle as a mother. So you can have a blog name that somewhat relates to the term “Stay at home mom”.

In another case, If you run an academic blog, try naming the exact subject or topic you wish to describe. For example, I have a blog of economics subject where I write about basic economics so I named it Any student who wants to study basic economics will surely google the word “economics” and by having a domain name of the exact keyword written in google search bar will give an edge to my blog.

*Flashback: When I was a beginner blogger, the book of Abby Lawson helped me greatly in understanding everything about how to create a complete business from your Blog from scratch.

Announcing your blog over the internet

Now that you have picked a name for your blog. You need to get it running online by buying a hosting service. If you don’t buy a hosting service for your blog. It won’t have an existence in the World Wide Web. Because a hosting service has the capability of keeping all the files and folders of your blog. And every time a user who wants to find something related to your topic will be able to find your blog.

There are different types of hosting services but I really recommend SiteGround. Not because it is a good hosting service but also because I have been personally using it for my own blog and it has performed really well compared to my previous hosting service. I have written a complete review of SiteGround hosting along with the snapshots of the prompt response of their customer support. They are super awesome in their response whenever you need any help.

how to start a blog in siteground

The next step after buying a hosting service is to select the best possible software to build up your blog. Majority of the blogs are using WordPress which is very user-friendly and easy to use.

The easy process to build a blog with WordPress in SiteGround hosting

Click below to go to the SiteGround website directly. It will take you straight to a landing page of SiteGround. Begin by clicking on the SIGN-UP button.

SiteGround main page

Choosing the right plan in accordance with your requirements

siteground plans

Siteground has different plans according to the needs of your blog. If you are a beginner you can start with the Startup plan. I am currently on the Growbig plan as I have more traffic compared to a startup blog. However, it is recommended to take the Growbig plan because of the following reasons.

  • It includes all of the characteristics of Start-up plan
  • Hosts multiple sites
  • Has a web space of 20GB
  • It has extra fast response time
  • Premium support
  • Up to a monthly visit of 25000
  • Super cacher: This cacher boosts your site speed with is good for Search Engine Optimization of your blog. Google prefer such websites which have a good SEO.

Recommended Plan

growbig plan of siteground

Write the name of the domain that you have decided fill in the complete information.

register a domain in sitegroundFill in the complete information and buy your hosting price

account information in siteground

You can get more extra services aswellextra services of siteground

THAT’S IT! YES !! You can now install WordPress on your blog and begin with your design and first post.

Installing WordPress on your blog

Check your email for the information and come back to SiteGround website and log in to install WordPress Blog. If you think I am being techier! You can ask their support team to help you out through LIVE CHAT and they are super friendly in helping you with setting up a WordPress blog for you.

5. My account login in siteground

Go to Cpanel

cpanel of SiteGround

Click on WordPress from the Autoinstallers

wordpress in siteground

It will take you to the details of WordPress – click install

install wordpress in siteground

Fill in the information

blog name in siteground (your domain) and log in!

wordpress admin

When you log in, you will go straight to WordPress dashboard where you will be able to write your first blog post.

How do other bloggers monetize their blogs ?

I have been an avid reader of other bloggers who are quite successful in blogging business and I learned a lot from their experiences. I also love reading income reports of other bloggers who share their experiences of all the strategies they use to monetize their blog. I would highly recommend the following books go through if want to monetize your blog.

One tip for reading other bloggers is that you have to find those bloggers who are related to your niche. Get to know what strategies they use to monetize their blogs and try to apply those strategies to your blog.

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